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Treating people equally does not always mean treating them the same.

Let them lead the ensuing discussion, but make clear that you are available to talk about accommodations if necessary.

“An individual with a disability must…be qualified to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation, in order to be protected by the ADA.

These tips focus on how to work with a person who wants to come back to work.

These tips will help you accommodate disabled employees and welcome them back to work.

At some point in your career, one of your staff or trainees will come to you requesting accommodations to do their job.

Many of us are concerned that we won’t know how to handle it when someone comes to us needing help or that making accommodations might be expensive or difficult.

A company must demonstrate due diligence when providing accommodations and be prepared to defend decisions made on the grounds of undue hardship due to cost or risk.

Moving the discussion now from legal considerations to practical incentives, this article examines the costs and benefits of accommodating employees with injuries and disabilities.

This means that the applicant or employee must: Rebecca Helton, MA I'm a Program Manager for the Edge at Vanderbilt and primarily work with early career faculty.

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