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This means co-parenting with someone you broke up with or divorced.

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I’m not talking about some kind of sick quid pro quo situation. I once paid $70 to a sitter to go out on a date that cost less than that for dinner.

Stop pushing single parents to get a sitter when they aren’t available or can’t afford it. There is little more embarrassing than having to explain to a potential date that our budget may extend to supporting ourselves and our kids but might not cover the cost of a sitter for a night out.

We’re incredibly busy, and we’re not going to waste a lot of time.

If you seem to be jerking us around, we’re going to put on the brakes.

If you lie to us, don’t expect us to keep you around.

If you wave a red flag in the air in front of us, we’re not going to excuse it as a little quirk.This means that when you send us your dick pic, we’re not going to rush out to see it in person. The single people I know aren’t out interviewing mommies or daddies.It actually may get you sent directly to a block list because we want a quality partner and not someone firing off pictures of their equipment to total strangers. We’re looking for connection and a healthy relationship.I think I was somewhat lower on the list than housecleaning and making dinner. I matter, too, and it’s unrealistic to expect a single parent to put you before their kids OR themselves.Single parents need all the self-care they can get to do this job.If you’re up to your eye balls in debt that’s not for an education, it’s a red flag.

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