Ai harden van gardeners dating couples

According to census records, he became a salesman, though what he sold is not mentioned.In 1925, he married a woman named Isabelle who won prizes for her gardening.

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Other than these scrapbooks, he left no trace.”Through my own inquiries, I was able to find out a little more about Francis Saunders Spon.

On the night of March 19th, 1921, his overcoat was stolen.

It feels like someone is whispering to me across the decades.

Sometimes, it almost feels like I can whisper back.”* * *The origins of snapshot collecting are unclear, however, as a collector myself, judging by price increases of old photographs at flea markets and online, the phenomenon is growing rapidly.

Scattered facts like these and the volumes that Ahmad owns are perhaps all that remains of one man’s life.

For Walker, that kind of impermanence is something she experiences in her own life as well. Today I am me, and tomorrow I'll wake up as someone else.

Everyone except the man in the back row, second from the right.

In the picture, he already seems separate from them—he is the only one not looking into the lens. It is also, inversely, a portrait of the Holocaust—a documentation of what was lost. “One of the ironies,” the son noted, “is that my father didn’t get along with his family. He never found himself.”The ancestral portrait was passed down as an heirloom, but to Lenchner, it is also a collectable—one of 15,000 other images that he has bought over the years.

“The photographs gave me that same feeling–a certain kind of loneliness, but also connection to a force greater than myself, to the kind of chaos that ultimately creates exquisite patterns.” “I can't believe photography exists,” she exclaimed.

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