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It is a land of so-called ‘love-hotels’, signaled by mauve neon lighting and Disneyland architecture, where rooms are booked by the half-hour by astonishing numbers of enthusiastic couples.

It is a land where…a majority of husbands have had adulterous sex in the previous year.

After that comes the massage bunk and what happens from there depends on a number of factors but it might include some form of sex.

In addition to being boiled, washed, massaged and who knows what else (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) you can even get your underwear and socks washed, heat-dried and pressed.

As with anywhere else in the world matters dealing with sex are of considerable importance in Japan.

Japan seems to have a much freer attitude towards sex than does the U. You can buy magazines in vending machines showing nude and semi-nude women whereas in the U. trying to sell magazines like that through vending machines would be a quick trip to an arrest and trial.

She had drunk too much and was ill and he was passing a love hotel when he thought he should take her inside and rent a room for a couple of hours to give her some time to recover.

In other words you don’t always use a love hotel for sex.

Homosexuality The book Dimensions of Japanese Society: Gender, Margins and Mainstream, 1999, says that “Male homosexuality has continued to be widely accepted in Japan through to the present,” but female homosexuality has been less open then men’s.

It also adds that an androgynous look in clothing has become quite popular.

“One should be aware of the fact that women’s attitudes towards sex and prostitution are very different in Japan then in the West.

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