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Junior Tranter, who wore tracksuit bottoms and a jumper, had appeared for sentencing after violating the terms of a suspended jail and unpaid work order, which was imposed for taking his stepfather's car and driving it dangerously. You come back to me for another breach and you will be joining all the other people inside. " Tranter replied with what sounded like another "Yep".

The judge continued: "I will add 14 hours to your unpaid work order to mark this breach ...

This means you jump the queue and could be meeting new Just 1% of UK population earn £150K plus, most are married or in a relationship then take out homosexuals, mummies boys, gamblers alcoholics, loners, weak, emotionally cold, selfish and players not looking for commitment – nothing to do with looks or own teeth!

, then 50% of the guys are under 5ft 8ins Now you know why you are having difficulty meeting good quality people and need us.

Mean, selfish arrogant, players, married,"sweet" men, mummies boys etc.

We pass them over to other agencies who snap them up.

In addition to other agencies service we include a free two/three hour interview, a dedicated personal advisor to help you select your introductions and of course access to all our high quality members.

With our basic membership we will active dates for ladies with men earning up to £50K and for men we will activate dates with ladies up to 8 years younger.

It is the same service as Presidential with an absolute success guarantee,that should you fail to find a long term partner (usually to marry or live with) within 2 years of active membership, we will at your request refund your fee as follows.

If you have had a relationship lasting 4 months or more with a member we will refund 50% of your membership fee, if not, WE WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE IF YOU DO NOT FIND A PARTNER WITHIN 2 YEARS WHOM YOU EVENTUALLY MARRY OR LIVE WITH Service fee 145 per month. 7.i REDUCTIONS (We have SKIN & AGE DISCOUNTS for members aged under 30 and a positive discrimination policy for different skin colours to offset any fall off in the service.

For Gold Membership there are no age or earning restrictions on who we will active a date with. You are allocated a dedicated personal advisor who will recommend members to you and tell you about them and about new members who have joined Your advisor may access a special data base of non-members who were head-hunted for our VIP who have given us permission (99% have) and that you have expressed a positive interest in meeting, subject to sight of their photograph.

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