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In response, earlier this year, the Lancaster Mennonite Conference officially separated from the Mennonite Church USA over the national group’s changing views on homosexuality.

The Lancaster Mennonite Conference is the largest group of Mennonite congregations in the U. It includes about 179 congregations in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

According to the Mennonite USA website, Mennonites hold a strong belief in peace, justice and nonresistance.

The group believes that God’s peace is “most fully revealed in Jesus Christ” and they are responsible for following Christ “in the way of peace, doing justice, bringing reconciliation and practicing nonresistance even in the face of violence and warfare.” Mennonites say violence is “not the will of God” and violence includes war, hostility among races and classes, child abuse, abuse of women, any violence between man and woman, abortion and capital punishment.

Like the split that formed the Amish, many other Mennonites have formed their own distinct group.

One early split was in 1778 when Bishop Christian Funk supported the American Revolution. Later, the Orthodox Reformed Mennonite Church was formed, as was the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, among others.

Even recently, some Mennonite groups have split from the Mennonite Church USA, the U. group of Anabaptist Christians, because of differing views (more on this later).

Most Mennonite groups, however, fall under the Mennonite World Conference, a community of the majority of Anabaptist/Mennonite churches.Amish also hold to stricter rules: no electricity, horse and buggy transportation and plain dress.Most Mennonites, however, do not have such restrictions.A Pennsylvania pastor said of the decision, “We are in a sense not really leaving.They are the ones that essentially have left true biblical Christianity in this respect.” Core to their beliefs are many that are in line with other Christian beliefs.After his brother, an Anabaptist, was killed in 1535, Simons left the Catholic Church.

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