Arielle kebbel and tad hilgenbrink dating

Matt decides to make the most of this when he remembers tales of wild band geek sex.

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Many movie franchises decline in quality as they progress, but Pie is notable due to the rapidity of its fall.

For comparison, I can only think of the four Lethal Weapon flicks.

Matt is up to his old tricks, and his methods earn him many enemies.

Among them are arrogant rich kid Brandon Vandecamp (Matt Barr), and the pair snipe at each other throughout the film.

Just like Steve, Matt is a sex-obsessed obnoxious jerk who rubs almost everyone the wrong way.

At least he doesnt lack for self-confidence, and one of his pranks gets him in trouble with school counselor Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen).

However, Matt changes stripes mid-movie and indeed attempts to become a real boy.

He doesnt totally lose his obnoxiousness, but the film tries to have him grow and learn. The shift occurs so rapidly that it never appears believable, and the whole thing comes across as insipid and insincere.

Director: Steve Rash Cast: Eugene Levy, Tad Hilgenbrink, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Earles, Tara Killian Writing Credits: Adam Herz (characters), Brad Riddell Tagline: This one time ... Synopsis: Get ready for the wildest, most hilarious slice of American Pie ever!

This time around, the bad-boy antics of Stifler's younger brother Matt get him sentenced to a summer at Band Camp!

Actually, that was a great season for out of nowhere successes, as it also featured surprises like The Sixth Sense and The Blair Witch Project. 2001s American Pie 2 actually out-grossed the original.

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