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This full-size pistol is the latest variation in the series, now chambered in the popular 10mm round for more power in the highly accurate and reliable XD-M platform.An unprecedented torture test of 10,000 rounds was performed to prove the quality and reliability of this new addition to the XD-M line, firing 10,000 rounds of ... – Beginning October 1st, customers who purchase any XD model from the Springfield Armory lineup will qualify to receive three additional magazines and a Springfield Armory range bag.

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Cranking up the debug showed: After doing that, however, I was able to go to the Guild Information tab and use the Armory Sync buttons from there to update the database.

I haven't dug into the code to see what the issue might be, but here's a quick and dirty work-around for the time being.

Whether you're a recreational weekend plinker, hunter, competition shooter, or a professional, Arizona Armory will provide you with a quality, reliable, long-lasting firearm.

– Springfield Armory’s 911 proved that a pocket pistol could fit in your hand and shoot with the familiarity of the legendary 1911 platform.

The 911 .380 will be offered in Desert FDE, Desert FDE/Nitride, Platinum/Graphite, ... – For a limited time Springfield Armory is offering its first-ever Defenders Series sales event, featuring the original XD 4” Service Model and 3” Sub-Compact Model at an exceptionally deep discount.

The original XD set the industry standard for ergonomic comfort, intuitive use, features and performance in a striker-fired polymer pistol.

Buyers will also be eligible to upgrade their Gear Up package with an exclusive offer from Surefire® and Kershaw®.

The All XD Gear Up is the first promotion of its kind from Springfield Armory.

Combining the XD’s 1911 style grip angle into a sleek frame measuring just an inch wide, the slim profile is a ... – Fresh for the new year, Springfield Armory ushers in cosmetic changes to four of its most popular handgun families.

With new color variants for the 911 .380, the EMP 4 with Concealed Carry Contour, the XD-S Mod.2 9mm and the XD-M platform, these changes come just before SHOT Show 2019 and are designed for customers to further personalize their firearm of choice.

hello, i got some error about armorylog is : "[armory] [VMF Mod Manager] (new_mod)'mod_script' initialization: scripts/helpers/action_utils.lua:146: attempt to index field 'game_mode'(a nil value)how can i fix this error?

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