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And the trove of Georgia delegates awarded in the vote could be pivotal if the race is still competitive.“The state will have the date to itself and it will maximize visibility in the media and among the candidates still in the race,” said Keiter.

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Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the date on Wednesday, reversing a position he staked earlier this week to hold off on deciding the timing of the 2020 primary until the government completes its purchase of new voting equipment.

Georgia was among the last states without a spot on the primary calendar and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported earlier this week that the delay was making it difficult for county elections officials to nail down polling places.

“Having the date is great – we can start setting the dates for early voting and absentee ballot mailings,” said Boren.

“We can now complete all those things we normally do in preparation for an election.”Douglas County Elections Director Milton Kidd was one of a handful of local officials to make public his concerns before Raffensperger set the date, saying the uncertainty already caused complications with scheduling poll workers, printing schedules to mail to voters and booking facilities for the primary.

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Then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp orchestrated an “SEC primary” on that date with other Southern states in 2016.

On Super Tuesday in 2020, California and Texas have planned their presidential primaries on the same March 3 day as many states in the South, sapping the region’s importance as a one-day voting bloc. It’s the only state that has so far scheduled a primary on that date, said Allan Keiter, who runs the 270election-tracking website.

And pending federal court cases challenging the state’s elections process could also delay or complicate the roll-out.

'Maximize visibility’ The March date comes as a relief to politicians who were worried the vote could be pushed back as far as May, when the Democratic race for president could be all but decided.

The March 24 date means that the presidential primary won’t take place until after many other states have already weighed in, potentially diminishing Georgia’s relevance in deciding each party’s candidate.

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