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In general Aussie women are go-getters who believe in values like courage and honesty and are forever game to try out something new.

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Making an Aussie girl laugh is practically the surest way to make her feel good about herself; consequently if you are the source of fun and laughter, she will look forward to hanging out with you.

At the same time though, avoid poking fun at her appearance and making politically incorrect jokes, unless you know her extremely well and are absolutely sure that she will find them funny.

This is not to imply that racism does not exist among the Australians – it does within an intolerant minority.

But once your Australian girl realizes that you are fair-minded in nature and know how to respect socio-cultural differences, she will be truly impressed and your acquaintance can start off on a happy note.

thus marking an intrinsic relationship between being Australian and being sports fanatics.

Desire to be respected The stereotype of the boorish Australian male who is sexist down to his boxers may be a little exaggerated but is quite true that many women in Australia continue to struggle to be accepted as equals by their male co-workers and partners.

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Respect multiculturalism One of the first things you will notice about Australian when you get here is that people of all colors are found to throng its urban streets.

Rather use your surroundings to look at the lighter side of life and in the process you may be successful in getting your Aussie girlfriend to loosen up.

Gutsy Sheilas One of the consequences of growing up in a country of the Outbacks is that Aussie women are tough in spirit and body.

Your female friend here may be a student or professional newly arrived from an Asian country or a third generation Aussie with ancestors from Middle East or a European country.

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