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( For each tax band there is a dampening mechanism to reduce the level of the charge for the first €10,000 of gain in that band.

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Non-residents from outside of the EEA are also required, in certain circumstances, to appoint a tax agent on the sale of property, about more of which you can read at Fiscal Representatives.

Businesses only have limited rights to recover input tax retrospectively, so consideration should be given to the date of registration as you can normally only go back four years for recovering the VAT on goods still on hand at the date of registration and six months for services.

Individuals with pay at the rate of 18% or 28% on net gain, depending on their UK income tax bracket, if you have UK income.

The applicable tax rate for gains on real estate will depend upon: In general, most countries have a taxation treaty with France under which capital gains on the sale of property in France is taxed in France, with full or partial relief against liability in your home country.

In addition, since 2015, the UK has also imposed capital gains tax on the sale of property of former residents, although only any gain since April 2015, and the final 18 months of ownership normally qualifies for relief.

A tax free allowance of £11,700 (2018/19) also applies.In this review we focus on capital gains tax as it applies to individuals not as it applies to property held within a company, such as a or to those who buy and sell property as a business.However, you can read more about the taxation and other implications of buying and selling property held in an SCI in our Guide to Société Civile Immobilière (SCI).In addition, if you become permanently resident in France, and then subsequently sell your former home or other property, you could become liable for French capital gains tax on the sale proceeds.Whether you are liable will once again depend on the terms of any double taxation treaty between France and your home country.Once again, non-residents from the EEA benefit from a lower rate, as they are also exempt from the social charges, but pay the solidarity tax of 7.5%.

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