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Some of them played out in the based-on-actual-events film Harvard Law School student Barack Obama—or Barry, as some friends called him—had just started work as a summer associate at the Chicago firm Sidley & Austin. Upon arrival, he was told to check in with 25-year-old Michelle Robinson, Harvard Law class of '88.

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"This relationship ended much like the one with Genevieve, when Obama was ready to make his next career move," Maraniss wrote.

Once again, not so simple., which came out just last year, Obama proposed to Jager in 1986.

On a cross-country book tour since last year in support of her best-selling memoir, they had to add dates due to popular demand, naturally—Obama has made it clear that she and her husband of 26 years, former President Barack Obama, are at the end of the day only a couple of humans doing the best they can.

Which may have come as a shock to the millions who've put them on a pedestal, not just individually but as a unit, the end-all and be-all of what marriage should look like.

Barack went off to Harvard that fall—but Sheila had already moved out of their Chicago apartment, supposedly after taking a peek at the journal he kept under the bed. After Barack Obama graduated from law school, Michelle was still undecided when it came to their future. When he and Michelle were dating long distance, she informed him of her expectations and he said that getting married didn't matter so long as they were together. In 1991, over a fancy dinner at Gordon in Chicago, "he reached for my hand and said that as much as he loved me with his whole being, he still didn't really see the point," Obama recalled in Michelle Robinson married Barack Obama on Oct.

She asked her brother to invite her boyfriend to play pickup basketball, which he and their father considered one of the most efficient ways to get a read on someone's true character."Craig's opinion of Barack mattered to me and my brother knew how to read people, especially in the context of a game," Michelle wrote in in December. 3, 1992, at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.

(Sidley Austin partner Newton Minow told the that there were other black lawyers at the firm, including a partner, but he could see how Michelle might have thought otherwise.)She even tried to set Barack up with a friend, but he wasn't interested. She was just sort of amazed by him."That being said, Carragher added, Michelle "was not falling all over him.

"She was kind enough to take me to a few parties, and never once commented on my mismatched and decidedly unstylish wardrobe," he said in . She was very cool.""As soon as I allowed myself to feel anything for Barack," Michelle admits in Michelle's brother, Craig Robinson, a longtime college basketball coach who joined the Knicks as VP of player development in 2017, recalled feeling bad for Barack when his sister brought him home for dinner the first time, figuring he'd be gone after a few dates, like those who'd come before."He was very, very low-key," Robinson told the .

"I loved the way he talked about his family because it was the way we talked about our family. Too bad he won't last.'" Their father, Fraser Robinson III, said the same thing.

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