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In such an event, any amount up to 350 $ CA already paid to be2 will not be refunded but retained as a penalty.be2 also reserves the express right to demand a flat-rate penalty of up to 350 $ CA from customers who have paid no amount or an amount lower than 350 $ CA.the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.

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Be2 dating complaints

Before the second contractual relationship is concluded, the customer will be informed of the paid nature of the service as well as the relevant prices and payment methods applicable.

Payments will always be billed in two or more installments (Art. This second contractual relationship for paid services comes into existence when the customer accepts the payment obligation by clicking the confirmation button on the relevant web / App page.

(6) be2 reserves the right to block any customer's access to the be2 service if he/she uses the service in a manner that is illegal or breaches the obligations laid out in these General Terms and Conditions.

However, blockage of access for the above reasons shall have no effect on the blocked customer's obligation to pay for the service purchased.

Such mutual agreement can be established if a customer sends his/her anonymous abridged profile to the other customers whom he/she has selected (referred to as "establishing contact").

This other customer can then decide if he/she would like to reply or not.

The charges due, the scope of the services and the relevant payment methods applicable are explained during the purchase of the paid service.

The customer may use the paid services once the payment process is complete and full address details have been given.be2 cannot guarantee the accuracy of the details given by be2 customers in the personality test.

This will not prevent the assertion of any claims for greater losses actually incurred., where they are compared with the data from all other be2 customers.

The comparison is based on a mathematical algorithm (a set of rules for calculation) that allows statements to be made about the compatibility of two customer profiles.

Scope of the be2 service"): - the processing of individual test results on the basis of details supplied by the customer during the personality test.

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