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Bay later gets a text from Ty asking to see her again at Maui Kansas. Bay walks over and Ty, acting surprised, asks what she's doing there.

In American Gothic Ty shows up in Mission Hills to deliver Daphne and Regina's mail, which is revealed to be a thinly veiled excuse to see Bay because the mail is junk.

Later that night after getting in yet another fight with her mother, Bay asks for Ty's help putting up a new graffiti tag and they end up talking about "What-Might-Have-Been" if Bay had not been switched at birth.

Unfortunately, Justin killed himself after he got back home.

Ty is close to Mary Beth even after the loss of his friend.

In a short conversation with Bay, Ty explains his reason for enlisting is so he can make something of himself and not end up a drunk like so many of the guys from his neighborhood.

Later Bay goes to Ty's house and gives him a poster of Hammer Girl wearing a camouflage helmet for Ty to take with him.Her parents react to catching them together by saying Ty has to attend family dinner or Bay can't see him anymore.At dinner, Bay's father is questioning Ty about his plans for the future when Ty reveals that he's enlisted in the army and leaves for basic training later that week.He's also been home for a few months but hasn't told many people, claiming to be settling in.The two play more games together and Ty even helps Bay get a job at Maui Kansas because he's gotten to know the manager.Tyler "Ty" Mendoza was a neighbor of the Vasquez family when they lived in East Riverside and is one of the two main male figures (the other being Emmett) in Daphne's life.

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