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“This is not for adults - the entrance is small so only a small child can fit in there, and there’s children’s toys and clothing all over the place - lots of children’s paraphernalia.

“The name ‘Maddie’ is written on a branch near the outside restraining area where the wrist restraints are and that’s right outside the underground bunker.

Although police do not believe the camp is related to sex trafficking, the veterans say it is like “no other homeless camp” they’d ever seen - and firmly believe it has been used to hold and abuse children.

The makeshift camp contains an underground bunker - accessible only by small children - which was found full of toys and children’s clothing.

“The height, the length and width look like they were designed for children and definitely the straps themselves looked like they were one step away from being ready to attach someone to.

“I work in a veterans village right now, building houses and renovating homes so I know about building and fastening and I know of all these different ingenious ways homeless people use to make a camp - and that’s not what we’re looking at here.

The veterans have been critical of the local law enforcement in messages and videos posted on social media - claiming they responded too late to the scene and lost vital opportunities to secure evidence and hunt whoever may be responsible for the site.

Lewis Arthur, from Veterans on Patrol, has made several live videos on Facebook showing people around the site and asking for volunteers to help their “search and rescue mission”.

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