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The tales of shortages in the field, with cur beys getting killed because Robert Strange Mc Namara fails to supply them with proper weapons, is known through person¬ al information from sons and husbands over there. But even if we were to win the war (an inconceivable inpossibility, of course, because "our" govern¬ ment does not want to win ). SECRET AGREEMENT WITH KREMLIN It must be interjected that there is not the slightest equivocation oh that point. The scandal of Haiphong, which is left totally free and ’unscathed to do its murderous work of unloading ships with cargoes destined to spit fire and death to our boys is impossible to justify. "Our" government does not want to win ; and it is this fact that makes futile and fwolish all concept- that any Conservatives might heve about the right way to win the war. Another part of • deal divides Vietnam in half; the northern part to remain under Soviet influence; the southern, American.

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It is growing increas¬ ingly obvious that the Ky government lacks any real basis of public support even though it is clear enough that no other government could command any greater support than does Ky.

Kennedy's error (actually, it was an unspeakable crime of enormous proportions) of fomenting and encouraging the assassination of Ngo Dinb Diem and his brother—the only national government South Vr.etnam ever had--this murder has„ left South Vietnam without the slightest hope of unity now or in the future unless it be under military dictatorships backed and financed by the United States.

Anti-Americanism is beginning because of problems, caused by our spending too much money and competing with the Vietnamese for services, goods and housing, and in material goods." Thus, for the first time, American casualties are exceeding those of the Vietnamese, as our troops take over the actual fighting.

'It is estimated that 7500 GI’s will die this year, though this figure is certainly optimistic.

The exemptions used to withhold information are marked below and explained on the enclosed Form OPCA-16a: Section 552 Section 552a □(b)(1) □(b)(7)(A) □(d)(5) 0(b)(2) □(b)(7)(B) □(j)(2) □(b)(3) 0(b)(7)(C) n(k)(l) 0(b)(7)(D) □(k)(2) □(b)(7)(E) □(k)(3) □(b)(7)(F) U(k)(4) □(b)(4) □(b)(8) □(k)(5) □(b)(5) □(b)(9) □(k)(6) 0(b)(6) □(k)(7) 350 page(s) were reviewed and 350 page(s) are being released.

Deletions have been made to protect information which is exempt from disclosure, with the appropriate exemptions noted on the page next to the excision In addition, a deleted page information sheet was inserted in the file to indicate where pages were withheld entirely. Perhaps some Americans have begun to wonder what on earth we are going to do with Vietnam even if we were to win? The fact which cannot be dismissed is uhat the real enemy of the American people Is in Washington, D. LIBERTY LO'./DQVN has in its possession a report on "the existence of a secret agree¬ ment between the Washington regime and the Kremlin which has never been ratified by the Senate—ana which, indeed, is not even known to the vast majority of offi¬ cials in Washington, but which explains perfectly the reason why we cannot win. How many more mouths to feed will we have on our hands, then? Part of this deal is that the United States shall not allow Chiang kai-Shek to leave his island, and that is why the regime refuses to use his troops in Vietnam. & You have the right to appeal any denials in this release Appeals should be directed in writing to the Director, Office of Information and Privacy, U. Department of Justice, 1425 New York Ave., NW, Suite 11050, Washington, D. 20530-0001 within sixty days from the date of this letter. Department of Justice 7 k^- V,, Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington, D. □ Document(s) were located which originated with, or contained information concerning other Government agency(ies) (OGA). □ referred to the OGA for review and direct response to you. The FBI will correspond with you regarding this information when the consultation is finished. This report, scheduled for pub¬ lication in a national magazine, cannot at this time be quoted further.

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