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In quella occasione la delegazione ufficiale del ministero dell’Interno comprendeva anche il nominativo del signor Savoini», ha detto il premier ieri pomeriggio, 24 luglio, durante l’informativa al Senato sul caso dei presunti fondi russi alla Lega. Secondo le agenzie di stampa gli inquirenti della Procura di Milano che indagano sul caso guarderebbero a Gianluca Savoini come «uomo delle Lega» .A dispetto di quanto sempre affermato da Matteo Salvini, la cui posizione ufficiale infatti è sempre stata che Savoini non fosse un rappresentante del partito, ma solo il presidente dell’associazione culturale Lombardia-Russia.The boys and girls of Russia like chatting rooms and that’s why we have decided to create one for them.

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As we have mentioned before, there are cultural differences, but you should not be bothered as woman from Russia are all well educated and willing to make necessary steps to fit in your culture and make you feel happy.

What you should know is that Russian brides will always stand up for their partners and will be always happy to help them as that is one thing they learn in their culture, in the difference to the American woman who do not have such strong attitude in their family.

There is no need to mention that registration to our site is free, and that there are no additional fees that are following general usage.

When you find someone who might interest you, all you have to do is contact them through our system, and we will try to make this communication successful.

What we have to mention is that we have at your disposal database of woman with various skills and education levels who are here for same reason as you are.

On you will be able to find person you have been looking for in your life by simply using our searching filters.Every living being on this world is looking to find someone to spend its life with no matter how long or short it might be.That is the simple way how things work and how mother nature has made us.It is not something strange nor something strange if you are not able to find someone who will understand you and love you as you are. Even though there are strange comments about dating sites, we are here to help people find their partner and make them happy.Only thing that is here important is to make no judgments about your partners or where they are from or what their native culture is.Quello delle spese infatti è un’altro nodo da sciogliere: chi pagò il viaggio a Savoini?

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