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Now happily married (to a fellow waiter), Jonah has become one of the world’s most successful Christian rappers, and frequently sings about waiting till marriage.Shane Dawson is a sketch comedy actor and writer who stars in one of the most subscribed You Tube channels of all time.

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April Kepner, a highly religious Doctor who fails at trying to be a born-again virgin.

In real life, Sarah Drew and her husband (a professor at UCLA) waited until marriage successfully.

Shaun Alexander is a record-breaking NFL running back and college football star who’s known for his integrity, his friendly personality, and his charisma.

In high school, even while he was being scouted on the field by football recruiters, Shaun was still making awesome grades in the classroom.

Grammy Award-winning singer and successful waiter-till-marriage Rebecca St.

James is staring in a new romantic comedy, and she needs your help to get wide distribution.

But what he prayed for most of all was a wife that would complete him.

If you live in the United States (the only country who isn’t obsessed with Soccer), then you may not recognize the name Kaká.

It’s very likely that you’ve already seen one of his videos without realizing it. He’s waiting till marriage for sex, and frequently applies his storytelling talents to talk about waiting.

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