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Nationally, the average family shopping for K-12 students is expected to be 6.70, the highest in survey history, according to FRF’s national partners at the National Retail Federation’s annual survey.

Total spending nationally is expected to be slightly lower than last year, due to fewer families with students in grades K-12, totaling .2 billion, down from .5 billion.

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The instability of the hole forced rescuers to end their search for Bush’s body and city officials determined the area too dangerous to repair and instead filled it with gravel and dirt and fenced it off.

A woman walking her dog past the area on August 19th heard a rumble and saw the sinkhole reappear.

“We are excited to support this generous five-day tax free holiday.

This annual event provides Floridians with much needed tax relief while providing a nice boost to our local retailers,” said FRF President and CEO R. “We commend Governor De Santis and our legislative leaders for their support of Florida’s families.” Serving as the state’s second busiest shopping “holiday” behind Black Friday, this year’s list of eligible items includes technology items up to $1,000 (not included in 2018), clothing, shoes and bags costing $60 or less and school supplies $15 or less.

Families with college students are expected to spend an average of $976.78, which is up from last year’s $942.17 and tops the previous record of $969.88 set in 2017.

With fewer respondents saying they are attending college, spending is expected to total .5 billion, down from last year’s record .3 billion.

The 30-foot-wide hole collapsed a part of the house where Jeffrey Bush was sleeping, pulling him into the abyss to his death. The house and those on either side were demolished, the hole filled and the area blocked off. That’s how Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill described the sinkhole that killed Jeffrey Bush in 2013.

On August 19th, 2015, the earth opened again in exactly the same spot. His brother heard his screams and tried to rescue him but was nearly pulled to his death himself.

Since then, local residents report seeing a young woman rise from the sinkhole and walk across the water.

What really caused this tragic sinkhole in Tampa to suddenly reopen?

Fortunately, neither she nor her dog nor anyone else was pulled into the 20-foot hole that opened in the same spot as before.

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