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There are several reasons why you may consider consolidating your first and second mortgages.

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Note: Ensure you only include the principal and interest portion of your monthly mortgage payment.

Do not include any escrow portions (property taxes, insurance, etc.).

Other benefits of consolidation include: As with any loan, it is necessary for you to thoroughly research any offer from a lender before you commit to a repayment agreement.

The lending process for a consolidation is much like your application to get your first and second mortgages.

Borrowers seeking to borrow above this amount will likely face additional scruitiny during the qualification process & if they are approved they are likely to pay significantly higher interest rates.

Government-backed programs have hard caps on the loan-to-value of refinances where equity is withdrawn.

If you are having trouble keeping up with both mortgages or you are behind on other bills, consolidation will decrease the number of bills you have.

If you are in financial trouble, consolidation will increase the chances that you can keep your home.

Many homeowners take out a second mortgage when they need extra cash.

It is a common practice for home improvements and upgrades, instances such as school tuition, or medical emergencies and unexpected expenses.

This risk causes lender to charge higher interest rates for second mortgages.

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