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They make it easier to meet goals than by just lumping money into one big account.The reason: Goals, and the amounts of money to meet them, can be clarified.

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However, transfers can take two to three business days.

Having multiple savings accounts for different goals can help ensure you’re adequately saving for specific goals.

Save early, save often and save automatically, says Robert Laura, president of Synergos Financial Group in Howell, Michigan.

To feed savings, sign up for free direct deposit and automatic withdrawal at your bank, so you’re not tempted to spend the money.

But before launching into any savings goals, first build a strong foundation. Greg Mc Bride, CFA, Bankrate chief financial analyst, advises people to stash six months of savings in an emergency fund.

“Breadwinners will need larger savings accounts of nine months to one year,” Mc Bride says.

When you’re budgeting, consider using an app or website to make the process easier.

For example, Mint will automatically keep track of debits and credits so you don’t have to manually input them.

Budgeting apps can help you create budgets, monitor spending and track savings to stay on top of how much you save versus how much you need for bills. You can open multiple savings accounts and then label them with goal names.

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