who is paris currently dating - Crazy dating voicemail

I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have. (*If you’re reading/listening to this at work, please turn down the volume or put on a headset.Psycho ex-girlfriend has a potty mouth): Voicemail 1: 02/03/01 pm. Crazy is the one harassing Mark, but in this woman’s mind, he’s torturing her.

By the way, in case any women out there are wondering, overt displays of insanity typically don’t entice an ex who’s on the fence about reconciliation back into your arms. After a relationship ends, an ex can go anywhere he/she likes and it’s none of your business.

This woman believes she can tell Mark where he can and can’t go even though they’re no longer together.

Just substitute phone trouble for computer trouble, car trouble, plumbing trouble, moving, etc., etc. Demands and threats haven’t worked, so now it’s a tearful, “.” Make no mistake, this is still a threat and one of the sickest, most abusive things this kind of woman can do. But since you’re not calling, I guess I need to assume you don’t want to work things out.” Her logic is convoluted at best. These messages are disturbing and a very good example of how quickly this kind of woman’s emotions and tactics can shift.

If your ex threatens suicide, don’t call her back; call the police and let them assess if she needs to go to the emergency room. Notice the rapid fire succession of her voicemails. She goes from the anger of being rejected and making demands to trying to sound rational and healthy (e.g., “.”) When all else fails, they turn on the tears because they instinctively know most people can’t stand to hear someone else in this kind of emotional pain. The tears quickly turn back into rage if you turn a deaf ear to them.

Voicemail 16: 02/07/01 pm and Voicemail 17: o2/07/01 pm.

And we’re back to tearful anger, proclamations of love, jealous accusations and demands.If she loses her job and apartment, it’s on her; not Mark. Crazy ups the ante by employing yet another tactic: the smear campaign. She also threatens to call the police over what now appears to be her cat.This is another common tactic of crazy, abusive women: Threaten to call your boss to get you fired. She continues to demand that Mark either return her hat or her cat. More rage and tears and name-calling and obscenities followed up with an “” Her voicemails are really becoming tedious at this point. Crazy has created a drama filled night all on her own in the vacuum of her imagination. If I were Mark, I’d have paid to a pet hotel, so Crazy could claim her cat there rather than give her a reason to come anywhere near my home. “” After she finally wears herself out from the self-inflicted drama of the night before; she wakes up and apologizes and tries to sound reasonable. After a full-on rage out/suicidal threats/threats to call the police/threats to get you fired/tear-fill episodes of harassment and emotional blackmail; Crazy apologizes.As the story goes, I dated this older woman for about 8 months.We were pretty serious but had some communication issues.The cycle depicted in these voicemails is usually a predictable pattern that many abusive, unstable women cycle through: threaten, intimidate, insult, degrade, tears and please feel sorry for me, threaten, intimidate, insult, degrade, tears, please feel sorry for me, wash, rinse, repeat. She’s also blaming Mark for her crazy behavior, which is nonsense. Others may hurt or upset us, but we choose how to react. These women will use any emotional ploy they can to suck you back into the crazy. I feel sorry for this woman against my own better judgement.

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