Dating a aquarius woman updating zserver dyndns info 8082

Totally mysterious, she reminds you of Witchy Woman, by the Eagles. So, are you really ready to get involved with this energetic, enigmatic, mystifying Aquarius Woman?

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She has a strong personality, one that desires to survive the union of the relationship; it’s as if her worst nightmare exists in the merging of two beings which results in erasing her individuality.

The partner of the Aquarius Woman will have to be a bit understanding about this fear even if it seems a bit illogical.

She holds an interest in all things and their interconnectivity.

She may indeed study astronomy and maintain an interest in the stars but in her mind, astrology is just as much a valid science as the astronomy that follows it. The image of the planet is symbolic of fragmented experiences and emotions orbiting around the conscious mind of the Aquarius Woman who must examine such fragments for meaning and understanding. With many named after the Greek Titans, which, per mythos are housed in the darkest depths of Tartarus: This is symbolic of the deep inner exploration of memories and experiences the Aquarius Woman will have to do in her lifetime so she can reconcile the past with the future thereby allowing smooth progressive movement forward.

Her life challenge is to free herself from the restrictive forces that dart down from Saturn.

She must learn how to bask in the freedom of Uranus’ energies to transcend the entrapment of the physical and to achieve spiritual heights yet unknown to her.She struggles with the question of worthiness on one side of herself, with the other side knowing she is worthy indeed.This makes it difficult for her to find peace within herself as the two halves of herself struggle back and forth for dominance.One half demonstrates high esteem, perhaps excessively so, and the other half demonstrates the lack of such confidence, wherein her goal then is to discover a happy middle ground.If she takes a beating emotionally, the Aquarius Woman has no trouble erecting a wall around her heart and protecting it at all costs.Even if not in school or college, the Aquarius Woman will read everything she can get her hands on just for the simple pursuit of knowledge gained.

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