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Most of what I will offer is that you might be asking about “casual dating”.

First off, just be yourself and let your personality shine, do anything and everything you want to do - live life.

However, in some cases the technology made the partner feel less involved with the patient's self-care, with some not knowing how to work the devices or what to do if there was a problem.

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Trief says this preliminary information serves as a springboard for further research.

In the meantime, she advises doctors: “If you’re thinking of understanding the whole patient, that means understanding their relationships.” To see a version of this story for physicians, visit Medscape, the leading site for physicians and health care professionals.

Here’s the low-down on discussing diabetes with your date.‘Often, teenagers and young adults have the most concerns,’ says Dowling.

March 15, 2013 -- Fears about low blood sugar and future complications are major issues for married couples in which one partner has type 1 diabetes, a small study shows.

3 Diabetes Dating Sites – A Review We’ve braved these sites so you don’t necessarily have to.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Dysfunction and Type 1 Sexual dysfunction from diabetes often can be reversed if caught in time.

Blood sugar management provides an early opportunity to test how supportive potential partners can be.

And if a relationship survives that stress test, it’s up to the person with diabetes and his/her partner to learn how to communicate through all the daily highs and lows.

They get a lot of attention when they’re kids, then it just drops off completely," she says.

The findings of the study suggest that a patient’s personal relationships can affect their diabetes and that doctors should ask patients how things are going at home.

On a more positive note, participants often mentioned the benefits of technology, including insulin pumps and continuous blood sugar sensors.

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