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This aids in so many bodily functions that you’ll feel better even after a quick 10-minute stretch.Since stretching increases your body’s circulation so much, it has great healing properties for your muscles.If the muscles that surround your joints are tight and tense, this can cause issues in using that joint.

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So, whenever you feel like you need a pick me up, spend some time stretching and you will feel better in no time.

Stretching doesn’t just make you happier by releasing endorphins though. Stretching helps you become more flexible and tones your muscles; both of these benefits can make you look and feel better.

Sure, coffee is great for kicking up your energy levels, but so is stretching!

Again, an increase in your body’s circulation does more than just get your blood pumping.

Stretching helps to relax your muscles while giving you something to focus on other than the stuff that has you so stressed out.

It also releases the pent up tension in your muscles that could be adding to your stress.When you stretch, you also release endorphins—a chemical in your brain that helps you to feel good and rids your body of stress.Few people know that tight muscles actually contribute to poor posture.By getting more oxygen to your vital organs, you will discover that this also makes you feel more awake.It also increases your energy levels by reducing the stress that can wear you down and exhaust you. Take some time, sit down and do some stretching to relieve some of that stress.So, make sure to stretch before and after exercise at the gym.

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