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She says it’s been an easy fit, “which is startling because he’s from a different culture and a different generation.” One reason for that may be her new approach.

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Five months after their reunion, she and Stephen were engaged.

While Marta’s teenage love had made the first move, Sally Grounds, 72, set things in motion at her 50th high school reunion.

“It was exactly how it had been when I would visit him at his apartment near Juilliard,” she says. In some ways it felt as if no time had passed, and in some ways I was with a stranger.” They’d been apart all their working lives.

Stephen had pursued one calling—performing and teaching music—and he’d loved only two women: Marta and his wife.

Marta had left music, earned a Ph D in psychology, and lived with different men, sometimes marrying them and sometimes not.

In 2006, she’d been alone for five years when she traveled to Budapest and found the city alive with culture and vibrant people.For 25 years, Ellen Burstyn did not go out on a date. Every so often, she would look around and think, "Where are all the men? I think I built an invisible shield that no one could penetrate.” She worked with a therapist, studied Sufism, and reconnected with her Christian roots, which she describes in her book, ." “I thought it would be great to go home and curl up in someone’s lap after a job, but I didn’t sit around crying about it. When she finally believed she knew how to “do it right—attract a man who would treat me well and whom I could love”—she feared it was too late. But he was 48 now, attractive and a successful acting teacher.At the same time, they’d done inner work that enabled them to feel worthy of love, ready to accept a man as he is and be accepted unconditionally by him. “In 25 years, weren’t you attracted to a man, or pursued by one? She worked constantly around the world, won an Oscar® for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, and was nominated for five other films.Most see their relationship as a spiritual practice, an opportunity to work on hurtful patterns and expand their capacity to forgive. Each woman feels her current partner is her beshert—Yiddish for “destined mate”—and that all her experiences, past relationships, and heartbreak were necessary to prepare her for this union. She enjoyed being with her son, Jefferson, her friends, and her animals. “I’d gone from man to man since puberty and had three marriages that were all painful and ended in divorce.” She knew she had to heal the wounds that kept her repeating the same pattern with men, “so that aspect of myself closed up shop.It allows for a stress-free relationship.” Ellen’s greatest challenge has been working with her fear of abandonment.

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