Dating after college

The first thing I did was found people who I knew from college who ended up landing in the same city as me.

That's the easiest way to start because you at least have something in common, and there's a good chance that these people are going to be nice enough to actually hang out or at least offer a way to do stuff with them.

I know everyone is going to say "Join a club," but what are the chances I'll find a club related to my interests, having at least one attractive woman in it, who happens to be single and attracted to me?

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Some of those girls might actually be single and might be waiting for their friend to recommend someone to go out on a date;dr - Get yourself out there, know your surroundings and just talk to everyone.

The most important thing is building your web of connections.

One thing to note is that there's a lot of people right now who are in the same boat as you.

It makes sense really, if you are satisfied with your current situation, you really wouldn't be going out as much.

The next thing I actually did was formed some relationships at work.

In my office, there's actually a big age gap between the entry level people and the rest of the employees, so have that touch point of being the same age was a good enough spark to start off a few touch points of people who I could hang out with.

Now keep in mind for all of the stuff I've listed, the big reason why it has worked out for me is my personality.

I'm a really friendly outgoing guy and can start a conversation with anyone.

I'm now actually just about to hit the one year mark of being out of college and I'm pretty happy to say that I've managed to get a pretty decent circle of people around me.

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