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She points out that women often spend hours preparing meals, cleaning, or doing other tedious tasks to please their husbands.Yet, a “ten-minute bonk” would be quicker, more appreciated, and probably more satisfying for both.Older people, and particularly older women, are often thought of as being asexual or sexually undesirable.

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Some women we spoke with fit the “asexual” older person stereotype, in that they no longer had any desire for sexual intimacy.

Yet, some of these women still considered sexuality to be a part of their lives, suggesting that ageing was only rarely associated with a complete “loss” of sexual desire and sense of one’s self as sexual.

” The second one says, “And I had to remodel our kitchen!

” The third says, “I set my alarm for 5 a.m., woke up my wife, and said, ‘Intercourse or the golf course?

She tells the story about three married men on a golf course.

The first one says, “You had no idea what I had to do to be allowed to come out to play today: I had to paint the whole house!

With recommendations like this, it’s perhaps no wonder that Arndt has been referred to as “the patron saint of Australian men”.

She has also been criticized for launching a “tirade against society’s maltreatment of the rampant and practically sacred male sex drive”.

Accompanying this has been the diametrically opposed stereotype of the “sexy senior”, who remains “youthfully sexual” into older age.

This is signified through things like performance-enhancing medication which aims to restore “youthful sexual functioning”.

As for the solution, Arndt has suggestions for both men and women.

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