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In this episode of Dating Confessions, we are going to be talking about cougar stories from both cougars and cubs.

Jack & Alisha also reveal their cougar story as well.

After this we reassured eachother that we were both disease-free, and I went home.

A few days later I was texting with this girl and we ended up talking about how hot that night was.

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Till this day I still don’t know how I didn’t kill someone that day. Your boyfriend wanted to marry you, but you don't believe in that sort of thing. I sensed your boyfriend liked me from my first week on the job. One day, he invited me for a drink after work and I said yes. He was a lot smarter than me, and we had an increasing number of differences, not that I really noticed that as a red flag at the time.

Told my parents I was going 50 and my brakes didn’t work. I just wanted my husband to be happy, and I was intoxicated to have someone in my life who I could talk to about anything, and who would listen to me like I was smart, too.

But shortly after that met a wonderful girl and lived with her for a while.

She eventually found out that I did not finish highschool and ended up breaking up with me for lying to her.

So I wouldn't have to bother my husband with my needs.

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