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Instead, you are drawn to finding out more about her past, her interests, seeing if this night of debauchery has a happy ending.

It does, but you’ll probably need to get kicked out a couple of times for saying the wrong thing first.

It was essentially an item-collection adventure game.

The main character was a girl who would pick flowers for her boyfriend, with the strategy being based around when to pick them for an appropriate bouquet, as well as various obstacles on her way.

And so we have today a wide selection of what are known as “dating simulation” games.

Dating simulators, or “dating sims,” essentially have players work to win someone over.

However, the moment is pretty bittersweet after rumours that the pair have ‘split’ have been circulating.

The 25-year-old reality star was pictured in tears outside a club in Camden after news of the pair unfollowing each other on Instagram surfaced.

Of course, books and films had the same appeal — people identified with the heroes, and liked to see the happy ending where “the good guy gets the girl at the end” (though it doesn’t world that allowed people to experience and overcome the challenges themselves.

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