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Learning disabilities can be lifelong conditions that can affect one's experience at school or work or in social situations.These problems are not related to an inability to see or hear, but rather the recognition of, response to, and memory of such information.Symptoms can range from mild—involving difficulty in one or two domains that is responsive to accommodations or support—to severe, where an individual is unlikely to learn the affected skills without intensive, individualized teaching.

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Learning disabilities are disorders that affect one's ability in the domains of spoken or written language, mathematical calculation, attention, or the coordination of movements. Multiple learning disabilities overlap in some people.

They can occur in young children but are usually not recognized until a child reaches school age. Some specific categories of learning disabilities include: Information-processing disorders are learning disorders related to the ability to use sensory information (obtained through seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or touching).

Internalized negative labels of stupidity and incompetence usually result Some adults feel ashamed of the type of difficulties they are struggling to cope with such as basic literacy skills, slow processing, attention difficulties, chronic forgetfulness, organizational difficulties, etc.

In fact, studies indicate that as many as 33% of students with LD are gifted (Baum, 1985; Brody & Mills, 1997; Jones, 1986).

Learning disabilities are most commonly addressed with special education.

Educators may assess both a child's academic performance and potential and then teach learning skills by expanding a child's existing abilities and correcting or compensating for disabilities.

Specific learning disorder seems to run in families.

Individuals are more likely to have such a disorder if a first-degree relative such as a parent or sibling has one.

They may also have difficulty with making friends and maintaining relationships.

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