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The best way to describe them would be to say that they’re some kind of a cross between Ukrainian and Russian with a touch of Scandinavian mixed in. It wasn’t uncommon to be surrounded by women who are all at least 5’10 and above.

So, if you’re a guy who’s on a shorter scale (below 5’8), you’ll definitely feel it: people will be hovering above you.

Russian and Ukrainian women are a bit more feminine; Lithuanian women are a bit more Westernized.

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When I lived in Barcelona a few years ago, I noticed a lot of Lithuanian women with their Spanish boyfriends.

Although Lithuania (and other Baltic countries) aren’t huge friends with Russia—at least when it comes to politics—I did see Russian and Lithuanian couples.

Vilnius definitely feels more cosmopolitan of the two with its beautiful old town and a nice, modern “new town” part of the city.

Kaunas, on the other hand, feels like a small city, which of course it is.

Nevertheless, the capital, Vilnius, has a number of bars with a good, friendly vibe.

While the nightlife isn’t the greatest, I was surprised at how easy it was to meet women online.

Nevertheless, there hasn’t been another country where I’ve seen so many beautiful women in one place.

I could literally be walking on the street and thinking to myself, that girl can easily be a model, or that girl, or that girl. But they’re also a bit more Westernized than their Eastern counterparts.

It’s one thing to live or visit Russia or Ukraine, but it was completely another to visit the Baltics. Unlike the Slavic languages such as Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian, the languages spoken in the Baltics do not come from the same language family.

Lithuanian and Latvian are related but not mutually incomprehensible.

But something kept bothering me throughout my stay.

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