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If a Swedish man looks your way, even three or four times on the train, subway, bar, etc. This is what the women call ‘typical Swedish.’ Even if you see a man of potential interest to you and give him the green light with a smile or a little wave, he probably will never act on it.

I was told by a number of my girlfriends here in Sweden that the guys feel equal to the women.

The other night I was told, “I had to approach you after I heard you speaking English.

Just please, do not choose to come to Sweden because of pure desire that you will meet the love of your life. Perhaps consider someplace else, like my next destination, Paris, ‘the city of love’. Email us at [email protected] information about sharing your experience and advice with the Pink Pangea community.

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They feel that if you are interested, then you, as a woman, can and should make the first move.

Or perhaps maybe you should be the one to offer to buy him a drink just to get the conversation started.

In California, the term ‘wine and dine’ usually sums things up pretty well, which at times I feel to be nice.

My father always treated me like his princess so the appeal for another man to do the same seems natural.

So this means, they don’t feel like they have to be the ones to approach you.

They don’t ask for your phone number or ask you on a date.

It’s good to feel like a special lady and to be appreciated.

However, in Sweden the men are either way too shy or simply scared of rejection, I think.

Coming from California I thought it would be interesting to live in a very democratic Scandinavian county.

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