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Here’s what most guys get wrong about attraction – they think that the key to getting a girl attracted to them is finding commonalities and shared interests. For example, if a girl disagrees with you about an opinion, you could reply with something like “God, I knew you’d be trouble from the moment I met you.” Or if a girl says something particularly bratty, you could say something like “I don’t know who your last boyfriend was, but he clearly didn’t spank you enough.” The point here isn’t to be mean or aggressive.The point is to show her that you’re more interested in having a fun, natural conversation with her than just getting her to like you.They key to using texts to build sexual tension is to be playful and to leave room for misinterpretation.

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For example, one minute I’ll be teasing a girl about being Vegan, but the very next minute I’ll tell her that I’m just messing with her and that I find it really cool that she has beliefs that she sticks up for.

I’ve had lots of guys who had a bit of “game” tell me that they always seem to be able to get girls interested and engaged over text…for a few days.

After which the girls usually tend to fade away slowly.

More often than not, the reason for this is because these guys fail to create sexual tension at some point of the interaction.

For example, instead of texting her saying, When it comes to texting, one of the most important concepts to understand is calibration.

For example, if a girl responds to you immediately when you text her, it’s OK to text back fairly soon.

No matter how funny or suave the guy is over text, they never know when they could be stuck in a boring real-life conversation with a guy who only turns out to be witty behind a phone screen.

So the trick here is to word your initial meet up as less of a date and more of an adventure.

When was the last time you called a girl to setup a date? Whether we like it or not, technology has changed the modern dating game.

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