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controls effectively, we need to know how to handle their events.

In this section, we’ll learn about the events raised by these controls.

If you don’t like their default edit mode appearances, you can customize them using templates.

Before we write any code, let’s see what this edit mode looks like. The events that end in “ing” are fired just before their past-tense counterparts, and should be handled only if you want to implement some logic to determine whether the action in question should be performed.

The “ed” events, on the other hand, should perform the actual task of the button.

We saw such an event handler when we handled the Protected Sub grid_Selected Index Changing(By Val sender As Object, ➥ By Val e As Grid View Select Event Args) ➥ Handles grid.

How do I update from two Details View controls using thebuilt-in Update button of one control? I want to update my database with the values in both the first and second Details View controls when I click the Update button on the first control. Cannot update inner details View controls on Updating Hi, i have a details View and an access Data Source control, and i created a template field out of a normal data base field.

And even if i place the command in the Post Back it doesn't work, any suggestions. Also add 1 trigger to it with the Control ID pointing to your listbox, and the event Name as Selected Index Changed(the event your listbox will fire when selected is change).

Selected Index Changing Dim selected Row Index As Integer = grid. Cancel = True End If End Sub knows what to do when an editing action is approved to take place.

Selected Index Dim employee Id As Integer = _ grid. More specifically, when a row enters edit mode, it’s displayed using the default editing style of the column.

The details view is populated from a gridview on a separate page.

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