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The star told Glamour the rumours were indeed true: Kat Dennings' boyfriend Nick Zano almost ruins a romantic moment as the couple watch the sunset in Hawaii.What could be more romantic than sitting on the beach and watching the sunset in a tropical location?Talking about her education, Bynes graduated from Thousand Oaks High School.

Kat Dennings' boyfriend Nick Zano almost ruins a romantic moment as the couple watch the sunset in Hawaii.

So she could watch every moment of the sun going down, Kat also donned a pair of vintage-inspired black sunglasses.

Despite this Nick Zano was determined to capture his romantic moment with girlfriend Kat Dennings, even if it ruined it on Thursday.

Before finding love in Leah Renee, Nick Zano was quite a ladies man that he got banned from dating his One Big Happy costar Kelly Brooks, as Kelly describes; it could make things awkward between the stars as well other co-workers if something horrible happened.

Laying down a towel for his long-time love, Nick made sure to treat his lady giving her a long massage as they soaked up the last bit of sunshine Not perturbed at his interruption, Kat lay back into her former Two Broke Girls co-star, whom she has been dating since the end of I have nothing to hide!

The couple met on the set of Kat's successful show but tired to keep their relationship quiet with the actress finally confirming the coupling in September After the sun had set, the pair stood up and shared one last romantic moment with the actress standing behind and hugging her much taller beau Nick meanwhile, wore a thin long sleeved t-shirt, which showed off his muscular physique, with a pair of blue shorts and round lensed sunglasses.

Additionally, she appeared as Crystal Dupree in the TV series ‘Arli$$’.

Later in 2001, she was cast as Danielle Warner in the TV series ‘The Nightmare Room’.

I think my parents are a big part of that because I'm still a normal kid.

Like there are times I get frustrated because I want to wear certain shoes and they don't want me to wear them.

It's all good in the end because I realize that there will be a time and place for high shoes.

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