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Bottom line: If you’re so fearful of being taken advantaged of, then don’t date.

It's Just Lunch is the world’s Number 1 personalized dating service.

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Of course you may argue that the guy’s time is valuable too. But my point is that we won’t waste HOURS of our valuable time just to score a free meal when we can easily buy our own.

I just read some answers by some men suggesting to ONLY ask a girl out for coffee, to avoid “gold diggers” trying to score “free meals”. Stop thinking that women would go out with men just to score “free food”. It’s a toxic myth spread by “Nice Guys” who are pissed because they didn’t get laid after buying their date dinner.

Would not have met some just PERFECT women if not for IJL. I do think a relationship with your director is important. Finally, I would also be aware of any time-sensitive offers over the phone.

Would recommend telling them you'll need a few days to think about it and I would stick to that, no matter how upset or demanding they are haha. *About Debbie - She is a very determined, strong-willed, straightforward and even indifferent person. I was perhaps skeptical at first, mainly because I had no idea I was being transferred to her, but my experiences with her in the past few months have been nothing but positive!

I haven't seen ANY prices listed ANYWHERE on any sites for how much the program is.

I understand some of the categories or criteria may be different, (ie gender, if you have kids, income, age, do you WANT someone with kids, etc) so everyone has a different set of circumstances, but still.

It’s a lot easier to conclude that the woman was only out to score a free meal, than to admit to themselves that she just wasn’t that interested in him. Why should your date have to pay for the date which YOU requested? I’ve never asked men out on dates, so I have never paid for dates.)I am not a gold digger but I would never go out on another date with a man who requests to go Dutch. I personally find it a huge turn off when a man is calculative and stingy.

Also, I noticed there are lots of men out there who somehow think it’s a good idea to ask to split the bill & “go Dutch” on dates. I’m extremely generous (especially with people I care about) and easy going so it would never work out.

I take responsibility for my actions, past and present. I would think AHEAD of time about what you would be willing to pay for different levels of services.

(I'm a quiet guy, so this organization did help me quite a bit.

At It's Just Lunch we take away the frustration of dating and make it easy for you to meet people worth spending your time with.

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