Dns not updating from dhcp 2016

I set this back to 7 days, in an attempt to give DNS a chance to 'catch up' before the addresses potentially changed again, but we're still getting incorrect DNS entries. Our settings are now an amalgam of what went before (which didn't work) and what I've gleaned from MS documentation.

dns not updating from dhcp 2016-14

We're running 2003 At the same time, I'm combing through AD and rationalizing group memberships.

I also read that a service account should be configured to carry out the zone updates - which I have now done. The Dns Update Proxy group should contain the computer accounts of your DHCP servers, so DC1 and DC2 in your case.

I mentioned this and got 'Yeah, we know.'So I decided to do some poking around.

At the same time, I'm combing through AD and rationalizing group memberships.

Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted Dynamically update for DHCP clients that do not request updates As far as my understanding goes (which is clearly not far enough), DHCP should update DNS as soon as it itself updates.

Our DHCP was set to lease addresses for 1 day, for reasons which were never explained to me.As per the subject, none of my provisioned servers automatically register in DNS.If I run an ipconfig /registerdns, then they will register, but for some reason it's not happening automatically. So in your case, DHCP update would renew it's lease every 3.5 days, triggering a DNS refresh.However in your aging settings, the record is able to be marked for scavenging after 8 hours (no-refresh refresh intervals). Under Server Manager, have you tried running the Best Practices Analyzer against DNS and DHCP, to see if that gleams any info?I also noted a staggering amount of old, outdated DNS records.

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