Donnie wahlberg dating natalia

He also starred in the 2002–2003 NBC drama series Boomtown as Joel Stevens, a Los Angeles police detective.

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Donnie wahlberg dating natalia

In 2007, he starred in the television film Kings of South Beach on A&E.

Also in 2007, he starred on the TV series The Kill Point.

In 2001, Wahlberg co-starred as Second Lieutenant C.

Carwood Lipton in the television miniseries Band of Brothers.

In September, Donnie Wahlberg’s two-year-long divorce proceeding with his wife Kim Fey finally drew to a close.

Donnie and Kim split up in 2008, and there were murmurs at the time that Donnie had left Kim for his jumpoff, a Canadian model named Michelle Tomlinson.In 2003, Wahlberg starred alongside Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee, and his Band of Brothers co-star Damian Lewis as the mentally challenged Duddits in William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan's adaptation of the Stephen King alien-invasion thriller, Dreamcatcher.In 2005, he starred as Detective Eric Matthews in the second installment of the Saw series.His mother, Alma Elaine (née Donnelly), was a bank clerk and nurse's aide, and his father, Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr., was a teamster who worked as a delivery driver; they divorced in 1982.As a recording artist, Wahlberg is known as an original member of the boy band New Kids on the Block.He reprised the role in Saw III in 2006 and Saw IV in 2007, also appearing in Saw V in 2008 via archive footage from the previous films.

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