Dvr 212 problems updating the firmware

The 3.4.75 firmware version is suitable for DS-71/7200HGHI-Fx, DS-71/72/73/8100HQHI-Fx/N and DS-7200HUHI-Fx/N series.

dvr 212 problems updating the firmware-60

In some cpplus dvr's instaon cloud option is not available. If you want to use instaon cloud base service in your dvr so you need to update your old dvr firmware to new firmware that's include instaon service.

To update cpplus dvr firmware is vary easy and in this article I have help to update your cpplus dvr firmware.

First you have need to download cpplus dvr firmware for your dvr :- Download here :- CP Plus dvr Instaon firmware - Download 1. Open internet explorer enter your dvr ip address to open your dvr software. Enter your username and password select LAN and click on login button.

After reboot your dvr is ready to use instaon cloud base service.

Hi, new on here, but without asking for help i managed to get myself out of trouble just by reading what has been said on this forum and would just like to say thanx.

Hey, what kind of problems are you having with the new FW?

Insert the USB thumb drive loaded with the latest firmware into the DVR's USB port located on the front of the DVR towards the right.

Hikvision regularly updates the firmware in our products to resolve potential issues and keep your system running smoothly.

Below are links to step by step instructions about how to update the firmware on your Nextbase Dash Cam.

The Firmware Update Guides contain instructions for both Windows users as well as Mac users.

FURTHER ASSISTANCEIf you need further assistance with changing passwords, technical bulletins, or related downloads, please contact Hikvision USA Technical Support at 909-612-9039 (phone) or [email protected](email).

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