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However, Sharpay learns her lesson and asks Gabriella to sing with Troy instead ("Every Day").With everyone reunited, the Wildcats' fantastic summer can really start ("All for One")!There is so much pressure to have a cute, clever or funny Halloween costume.

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Sharpay and Ryan look forward to spending the summer at their father's Lava Springs country club.

In an attempt to steal Troy away from Gabriella, Sharpay schemes to get Troy summer work.

Having piqued his interest, Sharpay leads a makeover of Troy into a junior golf pro with membership privileges ("Fabulous – Troy's Transformation"), during which, Troy promises to sing with her.

As Ryan leads a rehearsal of his and Sharpay's talent-show number ("Humuhumunukunukuapua'a"), Troy runs in, late for his rehearsal with the Wildcats.

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In the last class of the school year, the East High Wildcats can barely contain their excitement ("What Time Is It").

When a scholarship opportunity arises, he does everything he can to make it happen. He and Taylor share a special bond, but he is good friends with all the Wildcats.

Look for a solid young actor who can convey the full range of Troy's emotions and character traits: independent, driven, athletic, yet smitten with Gabriella. As Troy gets wrapped up in his scholarship world, Chad becomes concerned about the person Troy is becoming.

At Lava Springs, Sharpay greets her friends ("Fabulous") and is about to settle in when she sees all of the Wildcats coming to work. However, Troy and Gabriella convince the Wildcats to hang in there ("Work This Out").

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