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This technique negates having to ask the same question at the end of the call, which can increase call handling time as human nature often means if we are asked if there is anything else, we will try to find something.The key to effective questioning is simply to listen!

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Also, the advisor may also need to open with a closing question, to immediately confirm that they are speaking with the right person.

So, while it’s good to use all three question types, try to use them intermittently and don’t get hung-up on the order that you use them.

Step 1: Asking Open Questions – Try to start with open questions about the subject at hand, as this will give you all the information you require to take the conversation further.

Step 2: Asking Probing Questions – These are the questions which will allow you to delve deeper into the customer’s answers to your open questions, finding out the reasons and emotions behind those answers.

questions which only allow a yes or no answer) also have their benefits.

“You can’t hold a conversation purely on open questions because you would never be confirming the information that you’ve heard and that is crucial.

“Explain to the customer that you are going to ask them some questions, tell them why you are going to ask them and also let them know ‘what’s in it for them’ to answer the questions, thereby fully justifying all questions in advance!

” There are contact centres who ask advisors to only use open questions for probing.

This is with the thought that open questions will draw more information from the customer, which will allow the advisor to better attach a product or service to the customer’s needs.

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