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The couple met during Emma’s semester abroad and were first spotted together at Coachella in 2013.

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Emma watson and george craig still dating

Despite the age difference — Emma was 19 while Jay was 26 — it seemed to be the real deal. Unfortunately, when she began school at Brown, the distance didn’t work for these former love birds.

After meeting on a Burberry shoot during the summer of 2010, the two instantly hit it off.

In what was her first reported relationship, Emma and Tom started dating in 2006.

Lasting a year, the alleged reason for the split was due to the rugby player being a ladies man and posting too many pics with other girls. After hitting it off at a 2008 Cartier Polo Party, the two had a brief dating stint.

” Emma Watson joked during an interview with Glamour.

The more accurate number is more like less than 10.She is currently dating Johnny Simmons, her co-star in her recent movie, "The Perks of a Wallflower". It is hard to confirm who Emma Watson is dating as she does not like that information to be public and so always denies it.Note that celebrity relationships are constantly changing. He was rumoured to be dating dating Emma Watson but in an interview in September 2010, he said: "I'm a single man. In an ideal world, for me anyway, it would be great if we could be together but we can't." Until Emma Watson decides to make it public knowledge only she and those she has told will know.It wasn’t long before the UK star broke poor Emma’s heart, reasoning that he didn’t want to be dating “some childhood star.” Looks like Emma gets the last laugh here!In 2008, the total Prince William look-alike swept Emma right off her feet.No, Emma Watson is not currently married to anyone.

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