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By a.m., my body was marked and my bike tires were pumped one last time.

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We attended the Iron Prayer event to connect with other like-minded athletes. Waking at a.m., I mixed my drinks and headed down to the transition area.

My wife and daughter, whose support I consider invaluable, arrived the day before the race. My son was filming and helping carry the specialized bags of equipment.

That lasted about 3 frames as the leader made me look like I was standing still.

PAM– The transition from bike to run was dedicated to Pam, who had breast cancer, the wife of one of my employees. DEDICATED PLAYERS– Ironman staff had trained an abundance of volunteers to assist at every stage.

When the cannon fired, I was physically, mentally and emotionally ready to race.

Proper preparation preludes proficient performance. (Say that 10 times…) SAM– Climbing out of the water, I picked up my bike bag and ran into the transition tent. I loaded up on fluids and consumed 400 calories per hour, a total intake of 3,000 calories, partly to prepare for the marathon ahead.FRIDAY/SATURDAY– No grand feat, whether it’s a major race or going live with CPOE, is performed well if attempted alone. One of my employees, Don, stopped in my office a few weeks prior to inform me that he had started running for the sole purpose of praying for me.He timed his April 13 run to coincide with the start of Ironman.After final interview, I jumped into the lake with the other 2,299 Ironman wannabes.I remained unusually calm, partially because I did not shortchange my preparation.Appropriate preparation and planning can allow time to rejuvenate while others around you are scrambling to meet the deadline.

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