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If you’re a college student or just someone looking to make a few extra bucks, I’d highly recommend writing erotica.It takes very little effort (I can finish a story in under three hours) and you can build up a nice little passive income.Why not do some writing to help with tuition next year?

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That’s almost as much as some people earn from a full 160 hour month of work.

Summer is coming up and I know that a lot of college students will have plenty of free time.

But I’ve also never put a whole lot of effort into this venture.

As of right now I haven’t published a single new story in almost a month. But an extra $500 or $1,000 isn’t anything to laugh at either.

That’s because erotica is a multi-billion dollar industry.

And one of the only big-money fields that’s easy to get into and profit from.

Writing erotica is pretty much a fire-and-forget industry.

You pump out books, throw them online, and then collect a royalty check at the end of every month. I’ve never had a number one selling book or made ,000 in a month from my work.

A good cover and title will move books for you without any extra effort.

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