Error updating jscript intellisense see error list

However, from my experience, if a plug-in is going be incompatible, it’s going to be because it tries to create and modify a DOM element before the document is ready. If you frequently see another type of issue, please let us know (via a comment on this post or you can email me… “Igor” came up with a clever solution outside the box of what the “vsdoc” feature was originally intended for.

address at the bottom) and we’ll be sure to investigate to provide an explanation. =) However, I think it’s great and worth repeating.

error updating jscript intellisense see error list-57

The meta-point here is that references originating from a script (not HTML/ASPX) file are transitive. As mentioned above, Master Pages serve as a unified place to put scripts for HTML/ASPX pages.

“Peter” suggested there was a similar issue with CSS files. I saw a lot of questions/feedback/comments regarding paths and URLs.

Note, the error will misleadingly point to the jquery-1.2.6file.

The cascading set of errors lands in the core j Query code, however it originates from the plug-in.

Generally, we simply can’t predict which file a user control will end up on. “Shail” provided the best suggestion, which is just to include a list of script references you want on your user control, then wrap those controls with a “” to make sure you don’t redundantly include scripts at runtime.

I can see a centralized list of references helping this scenario, which leads into the next question… Is there a way to specify a centralized list of references for Intelli Sense? Short of writing your own Script Manager or similar code, there’s no “built-in” way to specify a centralized list of references for Intelli Sense (or for the runtime).

However, we've found that most libraries will about browser DOM interaction on initial load since it's not deterministic which elements will be available.

We are working on more robust mechanisms next version.

Given the feedback, this is something we can definitely take into consideration. I’d like to clarify what is supported and not supported by Visual Studio JScript Intelli Sense then ask for feedback: In a nutshell, I’m recommending ../../folder/file for MVC and ~/folder/file for Web Forms.

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