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However, if you want to set the iteration options, you must use the Formulas page on the Word Options dialog box.Excel 2013 has a multi-threading feature that allows you to reduce the time it takes to calculate complex formulas.Scroll down to the Calculation options section and select Manual to prevent the formulas from being calculated every time you make a change to a value, formula, or name or open a worksheet containing formulas.

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These tricks are more important with the upcoming Stock data type in Excel 2016 for Office 365 customers.

Normally Excel will update itself when you change a cell value.

These days there are situations where cells change value but Excel does NOT update the worksheet.

In other words, modern Excel has changed in ways that Microsoft hasn’t yet fully adapted to.

I have searched a function to calculate a specific sheet but I don't have found something!

creating or moving some/all reference containing worksheets (out and) into your workbook may solve it. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

We will show you how to turn on this option later in this article.

To disable the automatic calculation feature, open Excel and click the FILE tab. On the Excel Options dialog box, click Formulas in the menu on the left.

Ideally, Excel would have an overall setting to refresh the worksheet every ‘n’ seconds or minutes.

As it stands, we need workarounds to make it happen.

The usual answer to this question is to turn formulas to automatic. The second usual answer is that there is some macro that is affecting the Excel settings. When I put new information in Main Copy, the value on this page stayed the same.

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