Facebook and dating trouble

Match understands that it has a leg up in the trust arena.

“I think people have to be very comfortable trusting Facebook with the nine people in their friend group who they have a crush on,” Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg tells .

The diminishing threat from the social-media giant has become a tailwind for Match.

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The world's largest social media platform announced on May 2 that they would be stepping into the dating app arena.

With Facebook's new dating hub on the way we've rounded up everything we now about the matching making service.

“The privacy thing is superimportant in dating,” argues Jefferies analyst Brent Thill, who says that Facebook has shown “more bark than bite” with its dating ambitions.

He adds that even if Facebook eventually gains some traction, its success could lessen the stigma around online dating in Asia, where Match’s Tinder is trying to gain ground, as well.

When Facebook announced its plans to enter the dating space last May, panicked investors sent market leader Match Group ’s stock tumbling toward its worst drop ever. The main competitive risk to Match’s business appears to be fading away.

Facebook (ticker: FB) has yet to launch a dating product in the U. In markets where Facebook dating services do exist, Match (MTCH) says it hasn’t felt an impact.

Users of a new Secret Crush tool can add friends to a private list.

If two friends show up on each other’s “crush” list, Facebook will notify them of the match. The problem is that Facebook has to persuade its users to provide the company with their most personal data.

Match has discovered that folks are willing to spend up to find the right person, and they may balk at a tech giant—with its privacy issues—trying to help them find love on the cheap.

With its free dating product, Facebook is doubling down on its existing social networks.

A win for Facebook wouldn’t necessarily be a loss for Match, Thill said.

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