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EDIT: Yeah, just a word to the wise, stay away from that AW thread if you want to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. Overweight guys need to stop whining and just be confident!

If the weight is new, don't use old fit photos, it just sets up any in person interaction for disappointment.

I've seen friends of both genders get that wrong.

I was trying my damnedest to get down to an "average bmi" but then I just couldn't drop any more pounds and it's all converting to muscle. Now women make moves on me sometimes and I know know that mentality is bullshit, but it's hard to completely internalize when I look in a mirror.

It's supposed to be but it doesn't really go well with what most people view as obese.

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Like it was a running joke at parties among my friends. People are so weird."What's sex like when you're fat? ofc a fat woman's dating life is easier: dick is cheaper than pussy.

I was also short and nonwhite, so it was like the trifecta of traits that Western women hate, lol. "m: oh you have to lift up the fat and try to find the right positions for you based on how you carry your weightf: um how about not assuming it's any different for curvy women????? just a fact of lifethere will always be horny dudes that are willing to bang an overweight woman What's dating lol? I'd say 75% of me not dating is because I am fat and unattractive and 25% is because I am super shy and anxiety ridden 24/7. It's okay though because relationships don't really sound great to me. So much easier now, people in general are friendlier. I'm fit as fuck right now, but honestly it was pretty good back when I was fat.

I mean my BMI is supposedly 31 but most people I know wouldn't say I was obese because the image you see most often is someone 5 foot 8 that weighs 22 stone instead of someone like me who is 5 foot 11 and weighs 15.9 stone.

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