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Phone: 91 98850 98850We’d like you to have a good experience each and every time you do business with us.If you’ve faced any inconvenience or are displeased with any of our services, whatever the reason is, you can get in touch with us and we’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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If you are going to get into sports and other debatable topics, sure you’re letting the customer lead the conversation.

Talking too much about yourself can also make a customer feel like you’re not actually interested in them - you’re only interested in talking about your own life.

Just stared at him for a second and then managed to mumbled out "oh... Gentle quips may come off as insensitive to a customer who’s only making this call due to a bad situation at home or work.

Do: Be friendly and polite when asking how you can help them today.

Simply text ‘Call me 083 xxx xxxx’ (input your friends number) to 50100.

As a customer support person, you interact with people every day you go to work.First of all, too much time on the phone talking about yourself means your customer isn’t moving on with their day yet, and you’re disregarding other customers waiting to receive your assistance next.But, let’s assume you’re spending the appropriate amount of time chatting with your customers.If they want to engage with you, let them (within reason, of course). If the customer wants to talk more - and they very well might!- engage politely, remain friendly, and only pursue the conversation as much as the customer seems comfortable with.By following these tips, you can help avoid awkward situations while providing enjoyable and personable experiences to your customers.

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